Building a Mythological Programming Language Compiler For an x86 CPU (NASM) — Part I — Hades

An Educational Passion Project to Understand The Complexities of Building a Compiler to NASM For a Custom Language

Adrian Nenu 😺
5 min readNov 9, 2023

To kick off this series, we will discuss what a compiler is and what the general structure of a compiler looks like. We will implement throughout the series a fairly basic compiler for a new programming language, following the classic skeleton of a compiler. The immediate goal is to create a compilable language in which one can solve a couple of basic LeetCode problems and even allow for some scripting-level programs.

To make it more exotic and interesting, I will be blending technology with mythology by naming everything in the language with a Hades theme (God of the Underworld).

This follows a current trend I’ve been on with articles such as The Code Purgatorio: Ascension to Clean Code and Plato’s Republic Of Software Engineering: A Philosophical Perspective.

Hades Compiler — As interpreted by Midjourney

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