Hey Mauricio

You will want to simply add this to your scene, it will create a rectangle of its own (in the Start method which gets called automatically)

Then the .play call will start texturing the rectangle with what the camera sees so that your user can see where he’s pointing the device

Then if (result != null) {

will verify if the current frame contains any decodable QR codes and will print it the console (at which point you can destruct the object you attached the script to or change the scene)

Have a play with it just in a blank project until you get it working ;) and then go through the trouble of trying to get it to work in an existing one

Let me know the results, if you get it to work we can put some better example on the article?

Maybe you can share what you’ve got and I can try to help out if it’s still not working

Full-stack software engineer — “The computer programmer is a creator of universes” ~ Joseph Weizenbaum

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