Secret Republic — Open Sourced Hacker Simulation Futuristic RPG — Browser based game (PHP Browser Based Themed Game)

The Secret Republic of Hackers — Open source BBRPG
Long lived voice-over trailer

The very 1st version

Featured the futuristic design of that time. With AJAX based simulated UNIX terminals allowing player to battle each other to the last byte. With organizations (alias guilds), blogs, missions and arenas, it was all there for the taking. Not many screenshots remain from that age.


V3 — more features than V4 w/ poorer code design choices

Player dash — V3
Missions with command line — V3
World stats — V3

And down to V4 — less featured

For the past two years, yet another version has been created featuring its own Mission Creator and re-done design and gameplay, with a mobile-first design specifically made to be rendered as a phone app.

V3 missions
V4 stats

It has been quite a journey

With a number of supporters and dedicated players. However, it does not feel like I will be able to dedicate the much needed time to keep up with adding new content, building up a team around the game and getting it where it should and joining players expect it to be.

So long, and thank’s for all the fish

Thank you to everyone who has every joined and played, to those who have given feedback and emailed me and who offered to design missions.

Full-stack software engineer — “The computer programmer is a creator of universes” ~ Joseph Weizenbaum